dispositivo_3SAFETY LIGHT is a unique patented device, conceived and realized to have numerous and notable advantages.The objective is to communicate, inform and alert people to the different situations present in our everyday lives.SAFETY LIGHT is a patented device which meets all the parameters of effeciency , security and complies with legislation. The body is made of extruded aluminium. It is sealed for protection against dust, water and is capable of withstanding the passage of heavy vehicles. It is suitable for any type of surface.SAFETY LIGHT has a universal finish and is available in different lengths, making it adaptable to any location.Incorporated in the upper part is a toughened glass window making visible the light from the Led Strip.

Within the body of the product in addition to the Led Strip there is the possibility, if the installation so requires, of including an electronic control unit which when previously programmed will give the different frequencies of light required for the assigned function. The electronic control unit can also be installed outside and up to 100m. away from the Safety Light.

The top cover is of stainless steel and this is the visible face of the product once installed. Furthermore the installation is simple

The source of power is 5v and is able to light up 20 units of Safety Light at the same time



Side Elevation


End Elevation

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Led Strip Power 5 V
Life Span / Hours of use 40.000 y 50.000 hours
Consumption 1.8 A
Main Body Dust & Waterproof IP67
Shock resistant IK08
Dimensions 250*40*60
>Extruded Aluminium  Alloy 6060 according to EN38350:2001 with treatment T5
Cover Stainless Steel IK 1,2
Dimensions 240 * 50 * 1,2mm
Dust & Waterproof IP67
Shock Resistant IK08
Electronic Control Unit Voltage 3 ~ 5 volts
Power Supply 5v
Dimensions 20 * 20 * 2mm
Power Supply Power 5 V
Potential 25 W
Weight 0.2 Kgr
Dimensions 79*51*28mm ( L*W*H)
Consumption 5 A
Rubber Seal Fire Resistant UNE 23727-90 Categoría M-2
Rubber Seal EPDM + Neoprene 6X3 M/M. + ADH
Toughened Glass Toughened glass is four times stronger than untreated glass. The strength that glass acquires on being toughened is 1.850 to 2.100 Kg / cm2 and the properties of flexibility, compression and impact also increase. It withstands sudden changes in temperature and thermic tensions six times greater than untreated glass.

Vehicle Exits

The device is activated in conjunction with the mechanism to open a garage door or gate. The Safety Light starts to blink at a rate, colour and direction to suit each case, thereby warning the pedestrians of the exit of a vehicle about to cross the footpath on which they are walking and so avoid danger.
It can be used at the exit of public car parks, private garages, workshops, supermarkets, factories etc.

Pedestrian Crossing

The device Safety Light can be synchronised with the traffic light or activated manually by the pedestrian pressing a button. The device Safety Light starts to blink at a rate, colour and direction as required to suit each case, thereby alerting the approaching vehicle to the presence of a pedestrian at the Zebra Crossing and so reducing the chance of an accident.

Control andén metro
Station Platform

This system on the Underground tells and warns the travelling public of the imminent arrival of a train. The device Safety Light commences to blink at a rate, colour and direction as required to suit each case, warning the public not to approach the edge of the platform until another frequency, colour and direction indicates that they can board the train.
It’s also very useful to guide and direct people when changing lines using stairs etc. In this case the device Safety Light can indicate the colour of the line and blink steadily in the direction the public are to take. The direction, colour and rate of the blink can be modified to suit the clients needs.
It can be used on the Underground, Railways,Ports, Airports etc.

Control Paso a nivel
Level Crossing

It can also be used at a Level Crossing where on the ground it would be complimentary to aerial lights, warning of the imminent passing of a train. Again the Safety Light would blink at a rate,colour and direction to suit the situation and alert the pedestrian to danger.
Most people walk looking at the floor and it’s there that Safety Light works.


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